3rd AF is late multiple faint positives?

hi I'm Georgina. I've been TTC for around 4 months Or 5. 

This month I kept saying 'this month feels different' cause I just knew! 

I was mainly going to wait until my period was late which was pretty stressful because I just kept saying I was going to come on because it's just my luck lol 

around 2 days before af was due my boobs got a little bit sore but nothing extreme. 

i took a test 2days before af and after around 2-4 minutes I was examining it so much and seen the faintest line ever! It was one of the stick onee. (Not sure the brand) but this was FMU!

then I took a strip hpt and again, examined it loads (this was later in the day though but still 2days before af) and again I seen the faintest line ever! 

its now the 3rd day af is still not here and my boobs have become more heavier and swollen, more sore, when I feel them they feel more harder inside. My belly is bloated (like a baby belly) but obviously I wouldn't be that far along so Im just sayin bloating! Every morning I'm feel


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