AF 3 days late & faint positive HPT

hi I'm Georgina. I've been TTC for around 4 months Or 5. 

This month I kept saying 'this month feels different' cause I just knew! 

I was mainly going to wait until my period was late which was pretty stressful because I just kept saying I was going to come on because it's just my luck lol 

around 2 days before af was due my boobs got a little bit sore but nothing extreme. 

i took a test 2days before af and after around 2-4 minutes I was examining it so much and seen the faintest line ever! It was one of the stick onee. (Not sure the brand) but this was FMU!

then I took a strip hpt and again, examined it loads (this was later in the day though but still 2days before af) and again I seen the faintest line ever! 

its now the 3rd day af is still not here and my boobs have become more heavier and swollen, more sore, when I feel them they feel more harder inside. My belly is bloated (like a baby belly) but obviously I wouldn't be that far along so Im just sayin bloating! Every morning I'm feel Quite nauseous (but never sick) and last night I was trying to sleep and kept burping up stuff (so yeah, heartburn haha)

so as it's the 3rd day of my missed period (periods due on 26th around the morning time Usually and now its 28th 10:26am) I took a test like half an hour ago and it's a stick one, anyway didnt see anything at first so was abit confused as im 3 days late & all these symptoms, but as I was tilting and turning the test i seen a line. Very faint but I'd say easier to see than the others I took.

i don't know if it's in my head because I want it so much so my body's just giving me signs but then I think about the tests and that gives me more hope. 

Please write back I'd be very appreciative of any information I get back! 

-gee xx


  • Hiya. Do you have any pics of your tests? Maybe take another one in two days to give your hormones a chance to rise and use a really sensitive brand like first response early result tests, those are really good and give good lines.

  • I will take one in the morning As I'm in bed haha, but atm I'm having very bad headaches and face feels dead hot and warm 

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