I am 17days late i have not started yet. My last cycle was august 14th n ended on the 19th and my hubby n i had intercourse on august 28th n i still haven't started. I have taken three home pregnancy test and a blood test but all came back negative. I been nauseated, tired,after i pee n wipe i have mucus n then never ever had that before. My calendar says my next cycle should start on October 9th if i dont start by then what should I do. I never been this late ever. So if someone has any info that b great thanks


  • Hi hun. It is possible to skip a period. I have before and not been pregnant. But if you miss two periods you should ask for a second blood test to see what's going on. Good luck!

  • Thanks. I figure if i dont start on October 9th i will get ahold of the doctor again. See i have a entire mesh in my stomach so it just makes me wonder if that might b throwing the tests off or what

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