i pregnant?! Confused


Im new to this.

We are trying for a baby. 

I am not due on for another 4 days and ive done a 1st response test and its negative. 

I feel terrible and my breasts are so painful i cant sleep.  They look larger and nipples look darker, also when i lightly squeezed them a clear liquid came out. 

I have had very light spotting a brown discharge for over 24 hours.

I feel very very sick!!

I am new to all of this.....

Could i be pregnant?! Please help

Thank you 



  • Hey im new to this too ive just started this today but it sounds like you are anyway maybe wait til your due your period you might get a better result... 

    But im trying for a baby too my stomach is bigger from being bloated and i feel i have a heavy bladder and got headaches back ache and the odd sting in my boobs but i duno if its all in my head or  not i took a test today but it said negative but im 7 days til my due period im just dieing to know but im on pregrqncey conception tablets but i dont know what to think tbh can anyone help me '

  • I think its the not knowing which is killing me.  The scary thing is knowing if you are or your body playing tricks!! Let me know how you get on 😊

  • Let me know how u get on too :) i think im gonna test again on saturday il then be 5 days due periods i duno why i just honestly am eating more everything i never used to its driving me insane lol...

  • I got my date's wrong.  Im due on today! Just done another test and it's a negative!! I feel really poorly 😞

  • Aww you never know what test did u use? Was it used in the morning? Aww dont feel like that :( 

  • Done a clear blue.  Feel dreadful xx

  • Try again after few days if u still havent got period or go to ure gp x

  • hi ladies. it's horrendous waiting isn't it. so I had a slight bleed of less than 2 days around 17th of this month. but for a while now had aches in stomach like a period pain?? I came off the pill back in Aug around 11th. had normal bleed around 13th Aug.  something doesn't feel right.  tested Sunday had faint 2 lines. tested today and neg!! can it be possible to be pregnant and it not show on tests? I've read some stuff on other sites where the hcg level just never showed.. until like 10ans 12 weeks

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