Positive OPK Negative HPT CD30...

Hi ladies,

Wondering if any of you can help me... this afternoon I took both a HPT and OPK as I'm 2 days late for AF and wanted a clearer picture of what was going on... well its left me more confused! 

My OPK is pretty much positive, yet I can't see anything on HPT (may be a faint line but haven't took much notice)

Is it possible to ovulate at this point in cycle? My periods have been irregular since having implant removed in July, last period was from 30th August lasting 7 days.

Any help appreciated! Tia xxx


  • imageimage forgot to add pictures... 

  • I had positive opks on CD3 while on AF... it's  quite common apparently x

  • I had another big positive opk yesterday accompanied by right sided stabby pains... turns out I'm ovulating very late, my cycles are a bit messed up and long after having implant removed. I'm just happy to know I've finally ovulated and hope I've caught that egg! image

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