Hi all my greetings to all those gorgeous moms n mom to be(s)

Hi , i m trying to convince m 29 n started ths month only . Before 3 years had 1 miscarriage n nvr tried until. Now let me just briefly tell u what exactly is happening. 

Last month my period was on the 3rd sep which was so light that i thot it was implantation bleeding n went on for 2 hpt n 2 blood tests which came out negative so i believed it was just ma periods.  Again on the 26th sep (same month )i got bleeding which looks so much like periods but had clots n tissues along which continued for 2 days then reduced to brown discharge. The bleeding was like i felt was a early miscarriage. can miscarriage happen this early ? Or is this chemical or ectopic pregnancy?  Coz my mind says all negative but heart is still positive.  Its hard to blv its implantation coz it was really so much like ma period , 2ndly the bleeding was not that heavy that cud absorb the entire pad . 3rdly it was like old blood dark colour clots n tissues n now its stopped. May b when i wipe see some brown . Pls suggest please explain whats exactly.  I am still waiting it to get over 100% after which i wud tk a hpt n then might see a GP .

Thankz a lot !


  • I'm sorry hun but it sounds like you might perhaps have had a very early miscarriage. I hope your doctor can give you more definate information. x

  • Hi luv ,I had been to the GP last day . He said its not possible as so early miscarriage cant happened.  Before 3 weekz i had negative preg test . Ma due date for periods was supposed to b on the 3rd oct . Can early period mean early miscarriage ? Or late period? ??


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