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was late on my period by 10 weeks! , I had 6 positive pregnancy test and my ovulation test was dark like the control line, I've been having  symptoms And still am. On Friday the 23rd september I went for ultrasound at Radiology Had an internual scan they didn't tell me nothing at all. later on the night I started spotting brown blood and then stop the next day I started bleed not light but not heavy I haven't had stomach cramps or anything the blood was like  watery which is needed ver normal for me. (And which I thought I would of least been heavy and full of cramps as missed two periods) but i come off my period yesterday. And the internal ultrasound scan and probably made me bleed.   I keep having really really sore  and sharp pain and also like white on my nipples boobs ! Also keep feeling like twinge / flutter feeling can I be pregnant?? 


  • Why has your doctor not given you a blood test or confirmed the pregnancy? I think you need to ask your doctor what's going on and demand a blood test to confirm for sure so you can be registered with a midwife and receive prenatal care if you are preg. Good luck. 

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