Tips on getting pregnant


Me and my partner have decided we want to start trying for a baby. I have PCOS and just wanted to know if anyone had any tips they could share to boost my chances of conceiving and within in a shorter amount of time.

All comments are a help, look forward to hearing your tips! 


 G xxx


  • Hiya. I recently became pregnant and I don't have pcos but these are my tips:

    - Start taking folic acid supplements now before you even get pregnant (my doctor told me that tip) and cut out caffeine from your diet. If you smoke you should try to give up now too. Get as many harmful substances out of your body as possible basically.

    - Start charting your basal body temperature with a digital thermometer if you don't  already. You can Google how to do it. It pinpoints exactly when you ovulate more accurately than those ovulation sticks you wee on. Then make sure you have sex a couple of days BEFORE you ovulate as well as on the day itself. Sperm live for three or four days inside you waiting and ready for an egg.

    - Lie down for at least twenty minutes straight after sex to keep the sperm inside you for a bit longer. Not sure if this works for everyone but it did for me!

    - Try some sperm friendly lube like concieve plus. Lots of women have conceived with that. Not all lube is sperm friendly though so be careful.

    Good luck! Xx

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