Faint Positive EPT stick test Negative CB Digital?!

I am new to all of this so I want to hear more of your experiences .

Has anyone ever bled(period like) during pregnancy?

Has anyone ever got negative pregnancy tests and ended up being pregnant?

Has anyone ever had sharp pains in uterus, & or hot flash feelings in inner thigh while pregnant?

Any weird symptoms at all??

Anyone ever got a BFN on CB digital and ended up being pregnant?

I have taken several tests coming up with very faint positive within seconds of taking the test and when I took a CB digital, it says not pregnant.

My last "period" was late and very light.

IDK if I still could be but I want to know what everyone thinks about the CB digital & if you can answer the other questions, that would be great! 

Thank you !image


  • Cb digitals are not as sensitive as other tests. Take a first response early result stick test. They are the most sensitive and give good clear pink lines, much better than blue lines. Good luck! 

  • Try something that has pink lines blues lines tend to be confusing and give false hope.

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