Early twenties and ttc

Hey all, I just wanted to start a thread for all of us in our twenties who are ttc maybe we could give each other a few tips or share our stories! I'd love to hear back from you all! I'm not being ageist at all I'm just looking to hear some stories of those a similar age to me who are ttc!! Baby dust all round <3 


  • So this is my story! I'm 20 and my partner is 21! I had the coil for almost 2 years and the pill for 1 month whilst I was having the coil removed! Came off the pill in Jan and had a withdrawal bleed almost straight away! I have regular periods and always come on exactly when I expect to, give or take a couple of days some times. It's October now so getting in to the tenth month, hopefully this is the month! AF due tomorrow 

  • Hi ladies,

    so i fall just passed early 20s lol, I'm 26 :).

    me and my husband finally took the plunge on our two year wedding anniversary and agreed we would start trying for our little family.

    i came off the pill and had my withdrawal bleed as normal the end of that week. we did an online ovulation calculator and dtd on and around all of the necessary dates.

    im now on cd32, when on the pill my c were always regular so I'm actually 4 days late. Taken two tests but both BFN at the moment. I'm leaving till 1 week late then testing again unless af shows.

    how long have you been trying jade? baby dust to you xxx

  • Hey  guys 

    So I'm 23 and my partner is 25. This is actually my first time ttc. We are onto our second month cd 18. I've got two little girls already age 4 and 2. They weren't planned but I think it was easier with those two as I wasn't stressing, wasn't counting days, wasn't tracking. I was relaxed and happy. 

    Sending baby dust to all of you. Really hope it happens soon 😙💖

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