BFN x 3 but still no AF, blood test?

Hello all,

been loooming through so many post and your all so lovely for your input I just think we all think we are alone in our symptoms......

so my question is, im usually regular as clockwork 28 day cycle. This is 4th month TTC and did it properly this time and OPK, turn out I didnt ovulate until CD18 And a feint one at CD19 so much later this month, (BD both day's) therefore guessed I would be getting AF late, still got excited at CD28 when  AF didn't appear but got a BFN, told myself had ovulated late and so that was it.....

so I then waited and got a BFN at CD32 and CD33 (today) even done the early detect ones and nothing. I have the tiniest amount of beige CM which I found when doing the HPT but and achy boobs but no cramps or pain or anything, I know none of us have a crystal ball but does anyone have any ideas? Blood test maybe?

also feel huge!

any similar experiences?



  • Hi huni I feel your pain

    im 8 days let and still get negatives I have a few symptoms like cus but with my last pregnancy I miscarriaged and it didn't show up until 10 days after my due date i had been to the go two days before as I was worried something was wrong but then got my bfp on the Sunday xx maybe your levels are low or you could due on later as you ovulated later in not sure Hun x

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