TTC first baby- tips to not put pressure on DH during ovulation week.

My husband and i are TTC our first baby. This is our second month of trying. This is ovulation week for me, think i'm due to ovulate either tomorrow or the day after. I think my husband knows this and has 'stage fright' and can't finish the deed. sorry for tmi. I am trying my hardest to put him at ease. I've told him it's no big deal, we're just having fun and if it happens it happens but inside i want to scream. I feel like a horrible selfish person but i'm panicking that my ovulation day is coming and that this might be a wasted month. Any advice on how to support him? I really think i've said all i can to him. As for being ready, i would never of agreed to TTC if he wasn't ready, he said he is but also says he is scared and that he'll always be scared so now is as good a time as any. Can anyone relate?

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