AF still hasn't come, very hopeful

So my AF was due yesterday and there has been nothing! We've been ttc since Jan 2016 so hopefully we've done it this time! I've spoken to my partner and he's going to pick up a HPT on his way home, really hoping for a BFP!! Don't at all feel like AF is coming to be honest! Just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms and got a BFP! So my symptoms are; weird feelings in my belly, dry mouth - I mean I need to be next to lake like 24/7 at the moment I'm so thirsty, back aches, head aches, tired, struggling to sleep at night but really loving a mid day nap, eating a lot more than usual! Thank you ladies, hope to hear from you soon :) 


  • Just to add to my above post I've also been urinating a lot more than usual! Especially more at night!! 

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