cycle day 68 confused and fed up

Hi everyone im really confused at the minute im on cycle day 68 of a normal 29-31 day cycle my period was due 28th august but never came the day before that i was getting alot of cm i dont normally tack ovulation so i could of possibly ovd later that i though (day before period was due) me and dh have sex a day or two before period was due 26th .... two weeks later i had cm with a tiny amount of pink blood in it the next day i had a few spots of very light pink blood thought af was coming but it didnt and that was it i didnt get anything else. i have had 4 negative pregnancy tests and decided this month i would track ovulation started tracking beginning of september but i havent ovuated atall so now im wondering have i been ovulating atall or am i pregnant and thats why? 

iv been getting really terrible headache and feeling really tired. 

i have an internal scan booked for 26th october


  • I once had a 56 day cycle and wasn't pregnant. I hope the outcome is what you want hun. You should get blood tests if you aren't ovulating to check your hormones.

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