hello everyone this is my first time on this website.. I have a questio? Ok sooo my period came early this month I usually get it every 28th and it ends on the second of every month but this time it came on the 26 and ended on the 29th.. five days later I spotted for one whole day then the next day I woke up and wiped my self and seen brown discharge?? I havnt taken a test because I had my period already Like I said but it's really weird and need opinions 


  • Hi. You can get period up to three months even if you already have conceived... And most of the times it's nothing abnormal. Usually,  the bleeding inbetween cycles can be a sign of that something is going on. I would suggest to do a test anyway,  and think if there was any change happening recently??  Medications, diet, illness...  Odd cycles happen sometimes to a very regular schedules.  Maybe there is nothing to worry about. Take a test,  then think if there is a need to call doctors or some ginecilogist that might be able to give you advise. Usually the check up is important, if Dr will think you need to come in to discuss it further. 

    Are you actually trying to conceive? 

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