Okay so im 3 days late on my period i took a first response 4days ago come back with a faint positive took 5 chrap tests come bk positive faintly docs and clear blue came bk negative imageimage


  • Those are very faint positives hun. I know it's hard but wait another week and test again. Your hormones will either rise or your period will come. Good luck x

  • Thanks its reli bizzare went docs donena test before i went in the room 2 positives again on the cheap ones stright away but yet docs one negative

  • Doctor said there to faint to be positives well all.mine were like that before 

  • Hopefully the lines will get darker as your hormones rise and you test again. Some cheapies can stay faint for ages though. I was still getting faint lines on cheapies when I got a nice dark line on a first response early result test.

  • He said he will send urine off to a lab but itll be negative hebsidnt give his test even a min before saying its negative and will do a bloodbtest tomorrow these are still my tests how can mine lines be there and docs not thereimage

  • I showed him and said nonthere not positive

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