Come of jag

Hi I am new to this I have a young girl age of 3 a had my wee girl due to really bad pregnancy pre eclampsia a chose go on implant didn't agree with me and then jag as a wasn't in a relationship from start pregnancy little one dad walked out a have finali met someone 3 years later I recently went on jag as a couldn't control my period was always in hospital bit now I want try again so does my partner a missed my jag that was due 11th Aug this year a had spots of bleeding each month been trying after this my moodswings have been really bad how long did it take for yous to conceive a wanted stay on implant but doctor put me to jag because implant wouldn't correspond with my body can u still conceive if u not had full period but had the signs n pains n spot of blood ?? 


  • I'm not sure about jag but a doctor can check if you are actually ovulating (and able to concieve or not) by doing what's called a Day 21 blood test to check your hormone levels on or around day 21 of your cycle.

  • Just googled jag :) I was actually on it!!!

    i had my last injection in January 2015. It can take a year to get out of your system... I fell in May 2016. Sadly it ended in miscarriage.

    during this time I was quite poorly with a back problem and had an op in March this year and was on morphine and had a stressful job.... so maybe i may have conceived sooner if all that stress wasn't there. 

    also I wasn't actively trying and my oh and I only see each other at weekends, so again if we were together every day and doing the deed it again may have happened sooner.

    but my doctor did tell me it's more of a long term contraception because of the length of the time to get out the system. That's why I came off it when me and the OH eventually got together after 2 years of being friends x

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