Maybe a long one and sorry in advance and may contain tmi

hello I'm new here so please bare with me, 

i had my implant removed on 22/8/16, i had it in for a year and half and had removed because it never agreed to me, it caused me to bleed for weeks on end come off for a couple of days and it would all start again, I had a period on the 24/8/16 was 4 days long, dtd throughout the month and had what I thought was a period on 21/09 lasted two days and then a day with out bleeding and then some peachy discharge 2 days later, only had it in the morning by the evening there was no blood at all, until the following Tuesday (that was sat) when I had more peachy discharge when I wiped, I did a test and was negative, until I looked at it later that day this has happened two more times, just wondering really has anyone else experanced this and know what caused it thanks for reading and really hope you understand 


  • Would anyone be able to help ? 

  • Maybe it's best if you went to a doctor and had things checked out again... I can only think of the fact that any contraception can mess with the cycle. I also think, that regular check ups with gynecologist are also important, no matter the reason or no reason at all, just a rutine. So you can stay in control of what is happening. Everybody is so different in varies cases so it's hard to judge what is going on, especially. If you are worried, just check it out :)

  • Thank you i try and avoid doctors as much as I can but will get a appointment thanks for the advise 

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