Im Trying to concieve and this wait is the longest my ovulation day was october 1st 2016 i had unprotected sex on the 23rd 24th and 27th that again the day after my ovulation was set to be since last week ive noticed that i have some clear whitish discharge that doesnt have a odor and ive noticed ive been sleeping a little longer and alot mre than usual my period id set for the 15th of this month im a little bloated and have been having some gases here and there my stomach hd been crampy and ive felt like i was gonna puke but nothing ever came up im not sure if this is my head just playing with me because i want to be pregnant and ive wanted for a while but was just was way to young to be a mother but now im ready can anyone please help me !!! im looking forward to your comments any positivity will helpimageimage


  • anything can and will help please!!!!!

  • Hi hun, 

    I really hope this is your month but remember at 5dpo some embryos haven't even implanted yet so any symptoms you feel right now could also be pms related. The body loves playing tricks on us. Take a pregnancy test when your period is due.

     Fingers crossed!

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