How many times did people bd in their fertile period?

So I've been using apps to track my fertile days. This month I only bd with OH three times. The two days before ovulation and the day of ovulation (going by apps) I'm really worried this wasn't enough :( 


  • In only bd'd with my husband three times in my whole fertile week the month we got pregnant. Doctors recommend every two or three days throughout your cycle just in case you ovulate early or late but it doesn't have to be every day or anything. Sperm can live a few days inside you. The fact that you did bd two days before ovulation is excellent because that is the perfect time to get the sperm inside you so they will be there already in place and waiting when an egg is released on ovulation day.

  • Ill be truthfull everytime i have been trying i have only fell on the month that i have had other things on my mind and never thought about ttc but this time oh was away for 2 month dident even relise i was ovolating the week he was home we did it like crazy like 3-4 times a day/night as we had missed eachother and he only had the week and bang got my positive good luck xx

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