Stopped taking pills midway through..


Not sure how to start with but when I first saw all the posts linked to mums & the supportive responses I thought this might be a help guide to me as I am getting mad over whats happening to my body.Its been 3 months now I stopped taking my pills midway, thought to conceiving faster like that but gosh it seems like a hard nut to crack!

Sometimes I'm getting my days on 35 days, sometimes its a 42 days cycle & sometimes its just 15 its my 4 months & its been almost 50 days of me not having my days and no signs of it anyhow. Unluckily I'm going through a lot of break outs showing on face and thats quite irritating.

I thought I might be able to conceive shortly but my periods and hormones doesn't seems to be right...any suggestions how to deal with it??? have you guys ever been through all this madness??


  • Hiya, I know it took my periods a while to normalise after I came off the pill and depending on what type of contraception it was it can take months to get back to a normal cycle. If you are particularly worried talk to your doctor. Good luck hun

  • Hey Thanx hun,

    Its just that breakouts on my face are fetting weird coz of my hormonal imbalance and in this time even if I'm trying to conceive but never feels like having sex...its very unusual..

  • That's one of the perks of the hormonal imbalance... And if you know you have one, why does your doctor doesn't do a thing about it??? There a pills to induce period, and you can take it for up to 6 months due to cancer and complication risks growing in the period past the 6 months. During that time you can run all test that need to be done. See a gynecologist, who has a knowledge of this stuff, not just some HCP on duty that day. There can be other reasons to that.

    I have hormonal imbalance which drags along the PCOS, underactive thyroid, breakouts, irregular periods for 10 years now.... If not longer. If you are serious about TTC, start with the doctors and sorting your health out...

    Sometimes I just wonder how does women think, you can find these type of posts everywhere. And really majority of them not having a clue where to start apart from bed. I don't intend to be rude now, only there are also so many cases where mothers and baby's health been compromised due to not sorting mother's health prior to conceiving.

    Sure, we all want a happy ending, lovely story... But not many will share their loss pain and mistakes later on, due to shame, guilt, depression, pressure, etc. That is all.

  • Yea, I think I should be changing my GP first, she is just suggesting me to go for the contraceptive pills again to get my cycles right first but in the end I again have to suffer after stopping it again.

    Naah I should better consult a Gynae.

    Thanx hun

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