Hi ladies,

so i've been feeling a little out of sorts lately and before i called my doctor for blood pressure etc c i thought i would do i HPT just to rule it out.

i bought a superdrug pregnancy stick and did the test at around 11am so it wasn't my FMU.

well a few minutes after the test i thought i could see a faint line and as my 9month old was screaming the house down i chucked it in my bag with thinking i would check again in a mo.....well i completley forgot until tea when i had a look a seen a very faint line... my thinking is i imagined the line i thought i saw after doing the test (withing 3 minutes) and that this is just an evap line??

You're thoughts would be much appreciated. Xx


  • I can see a faint line! 

    That's exactly what my best friends test looked like at 3 weeks! She did one every other day after and the line got darker and darker. She's now 14 weeksimage

    good luck!!! Xx

  • Thanks Louiseva!

    I think i'll test in a few days to be sure! I've convinced myself its just an evap line as i thought i saw a line after a few minutes but then because i didnt check until later i couldnt be sure! 

    Oh my 🙈 my little girls is only 9months and i've been taking the contreceptive pill religiously... or so i thought...

    i suppose we shall see in a few days.


  • Good luck!! image Xxx

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