Extremely faint BFPs

One week ago I took several pregnancy tests after getting an extremely faint line on a Superdrug early detection test. I took a first response, clear blue early, clear blue cross and another superdrug early. I got an extremely faint line on all of them, i mean extremely faint the darkest one being the clear blue cross which my parter said he could see on that one. I'm guessing I ovulated 2 weeks ago as I had a lot of pain there and I had a period two weeks prior to that. Anyway i have been testing for the last week but had a two day break. Today I tested and the line is even fainter on the clear blue crosS and barely visable on the cheapy poundstore test (looks more like an evap line but within the timeframe). I don't really know what to think as I have PCOS and I don't have regular periods but I'm guessing I would be due about now if i was to have one this month. Doctor refused to give me a blood test, told me come back when line is darker as his came up negative in the two minutes he waited. I have added a picture of the first clear blue test I did a week ago and today's cheapy test (I forgot to take a pic of the clear blue today). My last period I had was 9th Sep which lasted 5 days. Any help or advice much appreciated...




  • Anyone? I did another cheapy test first thing this morning and there was again a very faint line before 10 mins but did another one again just now and nothing, I know it probably because it's too diluted. I'm just wondering why the lines are not getting any darker it's been over a week since I started testing.

  • Sometimes it can take a while for you to get a good line on a test. If you aren't sure when your period is due it might still be too early.

  • Yesterday morning I got a very faint line again but this morning nothing on a clear blue, first response and cheapy one. I was either seeing evap lines, had a chemical pregnancy or my dates are very wrong. I'm going to just relax for a week, no testing and see if AF shows up, if not I'll be booking a doctors appointment next Monday. 

  • I'm not sure what are those line, also not sure if the PCOS got anything to do with it. I also have the syndrome, and been trying for over two years for a second child. Had those lines come up on my tests several times. Yet I was not pregnant. Got me all worried about chemical pregnancy and false positives all the time. Once I even had a coloured faint positive +, but another tests and blood test cam back negative...  When my AF comes very soon, we will be trying again. And I will push myself not to test until Next AF due date... Deffo not worth the stress before. 

  • I've been trying for over ten years and must have used thousands of tests but I've never experienced getting the lines I got on many tests this time and plus I'm getting a lot of symptoms which I don't usually get even when AF is due. If I wasn't in the uk and could just pay a doctor to give me a blood test instead of having to ask permission my mind would be at ease. But anyway I'm just going to be as patient as I can and see what happens. I've convinced myself I'll never have kids anyway. I've been trying since 17 and I'm 30 next year. My bmi is just under 26 so I'm hardly obese but doctor says I'm too fat to conceive. 

  • My gyneacologist says that the weight matters, but also there are way too many women really overweight and still getting pregnant somehow with no medical help. It's good to try and loose some weight before getting pregnant, especially with PCOS, as this hormone imbalance already prevents us from doing so. Don't let it to your head too much though. My BMI is just under 22, and I'm 27... I used to convince my self same thing. My little boy was magic.

    You can take Inofolic which os available only online :/ or miositogyn which is also only online. And I think you might be better of with the latter one, it also helps to loos weight. It's a powder designed for PCOS. I lost some extra weight on it, doing my daily things, no extra working out. I'm still drinking it daily and have 3months to finish. My ovaries seem to clear of slightly and had two tiny folicles that were bigger at the ovu time... So slowly getting there :)

    Also when we conceived, finally!, we were drunk for few days. And belive it or not there are a lot of stories going round about pregnancy PCOS and being drunk. I had then my AF missing for few months and came right back from fertility clinic with a "no chance" news.

    And I guess there is a way to do blood tests privately, yet I also never figured it out how to do it in UK. Maybe it takes a private appointment to attend and a lot of cash LOL.

    Maybe you still have a chance, just because it didn't work with me, doesn't mean it won't with you. What CD are you on you said? 

  • I started taking myo inositol in powder form a month ago. A teaspooon twice a day mixed in water. I also started taking at the same time agnus castus 1000mg twice a day, metformin 500mg once a day, folic acid 5mg (as my levels are very low according to blood tests done in July), pregnacare once a day and vitamin d twice a day (they also showed as low in blood test). But it's only been a month and I have already notcied I'm not as tired, achy or moody as I used to be, so I think I slowly the medicine may help to balance everything out. 

    I try to lose weight but it's so hard unless I go to the gym, I avoid sugar, dairy and gluten as much as possible since I read a few months ago that these are so bad for PCOS. If I find out for sure I'm not pregnant I will be joining the gym, I was already ready to go but then all this happened. 

    And according to my calculations from the first day of my last AF I'm on CD 30 now. 

    TMI WARNING: I'm getting a lot of dry white powder like stuff in my underwear for past 4/5 days and I feel very dry down there which is rare for me. 

  • @Jasjasi87

    TTC is the most complicated journey sometimes :/ I'm waiting for my AF right now, took pills to induce it and three up the first one by whatever reason. Had brekky after the pill and it all went back up. It was my last batch of 10, so had no extra one to cover the loss. Now it's a waiting game :/ then I will be back on Clomid and then going to my gynea in a month.... If only the mother nature was on my side for once !! :/

    Did you take any more test so far?? The blood test, good thing you did it. I know the drill, I also have been taking it all and also can see the improvement on my mood swing, being tired less and less. Lets just hope we are on the high way ;) 

  • Hi. I did one first thing this morning and nothing. Still no sign of AF. Boobs still very sore and swollen but back ache has gone. I will be seeing the doctor on Friday if no AF. Something isn't right and they need to listen to me and invertisgate it properly not just rush me out the door with a prescription.

    And yes! Hopefully we are on the way to a healthy pregnancy soon. It really does help to relax and be happy. I was in a abusive marriage  for 8 years and never conceived or even ovulated when I was with him. Now two years later I have a wonderful partner who makes me so happy and is so kind and gentle to me and look I have ovulated and conceived, I dont put it all down the the medicine, I put it down to being relaxed and happy too. I have very little to stress about theas days. And I already know my partner will make a good dad as I see how he is with the kids he already has. 

    What I'm saying is just relax, take ur medicine and watch your diet and have hope for a little miracle :) 

  • @Jasjasi so how are you ?? 

  • AF eventually showed up, it was different this month though. Very light and short (only lasted 4 days) I'm usually heavy and last 6/7 days. This month and last month was very light and short. I'm guessing I had a chemical preganancy but I'm hopeful now that I can actually conceive just got to keep trying, the partners not complaining. According to my calculations I am in my fertile days ATM. I won't be testing unless my period is late. 

  • Ah. Sorry hear that. AF can be different all the time, especially when TTC and I guess this is the annoying thing in all of it, whilst we read so much into it. About the chemical, it might/might not be the same. But I also previously took a blue dye test that showed similar result to yours posted here. And also was negative, as I got my AF that month and also was lighter and shorter that usual, only for a day, yet I could see the difference. While the FRER test only gave my the white line, meaning nothing else but negative a day later from the blue dye. Another month i had taken only the blue dye tests, 3 or 4, don't really remember now :P, and same thing happen. Showed faint yet visible positive tests. GP sended me for a pregnanct test to the lab, but not a blood but urine(odd, and later when I hoine for the results GP said sorry for confusion as they don't do it as a first choice anymore for the lab test LOL) and that came back negative the day I got my late AF in the morning. Drama following more drama. So it might have been chemical, it might have not and I am glad not knowing really.

    At least you know to continue the journey forward ;) good luck for this month!! I'm after clomid this month and just finishing the ovu window. I have got the very positive feeling about this cycle! Same feeling I had when I conceived my boy. So I will be testing as early as Wed/Thu next week. Then will see as it goes ;) I have booked gynea in 3 weeks. So hopefully will be able to confirm pregnancy and see if all is ok. Like no ectopic and all other stuff. 

  • I wish you the best of luck :) I will update if I fall pregnant at some point and please do give me an update once you know everything xx 

  • I will :) fingers crossed for the two of us and the rest of the Ladies TTC ;)!! Xx

  • Hiya. So... Nah, it's not going to happen this month. :( It's eating me away but what else can we do... Even though we took few months break, we took a very easy-go-easy-come approach. Everything was just right, the cm, temps, sore breats, the whole bunch of stuff that was right to happen... And still no pregnancy. For a good week after ovulation I had a good CM, then suddenly it's changed colour and consistency, which worried me for my pH in there. Maybe that was the reason pregnancy did not happen :/ Now I am due for AF on this Wednesday, all test so far show a big negative. I took three clear blue plus tests last week, first was negative, second had a line faint but visible, blue. Third, just had a shadow of a line. Todays FRER negative. So I just really hope that it was some stupid evap lines and not a chemical pregnancy :( now I'm just waiting for the AF, going to gynea next week, so hoping to be soon finished with it to be able run some more tests :/ 

    How are you doing ??

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Life got a bit crazy for a couple of weeks and we might be moving house soon too. 

    Well the latest is confusion again. I'm on CD33 and AF is no show. I've again got cramps, very sore boobs and a very faint lines on pregnancy tests. On the cheapie tests I can't make out wether it's a line or not but on the clear blue one below I think you can see it? this test was done this evening, i have another one and a digital one to try first thing in the morning. Possibly another chemical or not, I'm not getting my hopes up. 


  •  By the way that line appeared after one minutes of taking the test. 

  • Jasjasi I can defo see lines on those gopef it's good news for you I eould defo suggest getting clear blue digital as I was always getting faint lines and was unsure at least with digital they tell you without the confusion imageThis was mu first faint Pregnacy test on my current Pregnacy barrly can see it did a clear blue next day and was there in words pregnant so there's always hope also after three days of taking this test i re took and the lines where botg really dark so defo text every couple of days goodluck x

  • Well these are this morning results, look how convincing that blue cross one is lol. Think I better stop using those ones.


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