Slim chance iCould be pregnant?

Okay so basically last month for sure thought it was my month, i bled for 4 days usual for me  started off really watery then bit of clotting, anyway didn't test cause it was my af. Anyway I'm due to ovulate in a few days but I had noticed the pastalmost week my boobs have been tingling and hurting, and yesterday my stomach as hard, anyway randomly decided to take a pregnancy test this eve just a cheapy 10ml one and it was a faint line I took another and another faint line was on that one whichI even asked hubby to look at and he could see it too same thickness and pink tinge to it. Surely it would be dark if I was pregnant? By my calender I should be ovulating in four days or so. Is there anyway that test could be right?


  • Sometimes you can implant late and get a faint pos without seeing it I can't say if it's a faint positive or evap have you got a pic? when is your period due? 

  • imageimageimage

    It's picked up the one in middle more than bottom the middle was after a couple hour hold and the green one is an ovulation not sure if it's just our eyes 

  • And its not due for anotherr 20 days

  • have you tried a first response

    if that come back negative I'd wait till near af was due usually opk would be dark if it detected hcg wait till at is due

  • I did a week ago was a faint but laughed t off justrandonly took one earlier now I've taken couple more all positive& OPKS are darker in person... weird

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