I had a mosscarige 2 and half weeks ago and started getting sore breasts few days ago is it possible I'm pregnant again?? Please help


  • ?????? Please help

  • That would be super quick, could it be ovulation? Otherwise maybe hormones.  How long are your cycles usually? 

  • I don't know, and I was due on the 3rd of this month just feeling bloated and sore boobs and not to early I've heard people have falling pregnant straight after

  • And couldn't be hormones took pregnancy test and all of the hcg is out my system

  • Maybe try taking another test in the next week or so 

  • I think I'm going to as my breast have got more sore in one day

  • You don't think it would be ovulation if it's 2 weeks or so in to your cycle? it is said though that you can be more fertile straight after a miscarriage 

  • I don't think it is

  • Well if you think you are pregnant again, then take a test. But it's more likely you are having ovulation right now and are very fertile, so you might get a positive in two weeks if you have actively kept trying. Sorry for your loss too. And it that happen two & half weeks ago, then there is a bigger chance you are ovulating right now, than you are pregnant... Cos, when in this time gap your body would have hime to build up the hormone levels enough to ovulate day after a misscariage...? Cos that is how I see you think it is. That you are being pregnant right now, so if you take a test right now and it is not positive... Then it must be ovulation. And then you will get your first AF after the loss if you did not conceive this month.

    So , did you test any days now ? What was the result?

  • Im testing today and will post on here and let use know

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