Trying to conceive

Hi, I was woneeding if im pregnant. I had my period on September 14-18. I conceive on September 20 . I see my boyfriend every Saturday and those days we conceive as well . I had pregnancy symptoms every time I would eat I would get nauseous and felt fatigue also my breast would get itchy and have montgomery glands around my areola which they got a little bigger. I did two pregnancy tests and both came out negative ..


  • When you say conceive do you mean had sex? 

    If your period was the 14th then you would have ovulated between 10-14 days later (based on the average cycle of 28 days it's said day 14) but unless you are tracking ovulation it's hard to tell. if you are on a 28 day cycle then it's still could be too early to test. wait until your period is due and test again. 

  • Yes you need to wait until your period is due to take a test.

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