Help with pregnancy tests! Photos included :)

Hello fellow mummies! image It's nice to meet you all!

Right so, me and my partner are ttc at the moment... I am 2 days before my AF is due (31 day cycle) I don't track ovulation because I know it won't help me at all - we BD every day anyway!! image
I took a cheapie test on Friday (Bit early I know! - serial tester here!) and it was faintly positive but I disregarded it due to it being so early - I reckon it was a duff test!
This morning I took a Superdrug early test with fmu (Not held for long went for a pee at 4am was up at 7:30) and got a faint positive, like realllllllllly faint - I can't even capture it properly on my camera but it's totally seeable in person, definitely there - came up within time frame, stayed after and had a pink tinge to it, so I held my second pee (I had 2 coffees then started holding and went to ASDA to buy CBD, silly me!!) for 2 hours and took a Clearblue digital and after what felt like forever it came up with 'not pregnant'... I got so nervous that this would happen... Does anyone know what sensitivity the CBD are? It says up to 5 days before your period is due, so I assume it's quite good?
I used CBD with my son (6) and I was 6 weeks when I found out with him but it only came up with 2-3 on the conception indicator with him! (Low HCG levels possibly? Could this be the same again?)

I'm just one very confused Mama!! I'm holding off on the testing until Wednesday unless my internet cheapies arrive tomorrow! Anyone else had this problem?
Do you think Superdrug early are reliable? image

Thank you so much ladies <3



  • Got some photo's of it out of the casing too... this is a while later after leaving it to dry for a bit in the casing image imageimageimage

  • CBD aren't v sensitive, it's 5 days from missed period. So day 5 is day after, day 4 is day it's due so actually only 3 days.... they word it to make it sound more sensitive than it is. Naughty really 

  • Cbd sensitivity is somewhere between 25-50 which is not very sensitive at all. Superdrug and first response early tests are much more sensitive because they can pick up hcg levels as low as 10-12.

    Wait til you have a nice solid line on a superdrug test before trying another cbd. Good luck x

  • First response all the way:) Those Superdrug tests have never let me down either they are 10miu.  FR are 12.5 miu 

    clear blue digi are 25-50 miu

    There is one clear blue early Response test that is 10miu too it has a straight line in each box for a positive( the digital are better day after missed AF) the clear blue test with the cross for a positive is 25miu

    good luck hope to see a lovely BFP in day or so:)

  • Thank you so much ladies :)
    Flybutterflyfly... I didn't know that!! What a waste of money! :( That's so evil! Thank you for telling me! I am ever in your favour! image xx
    Scribble... Thank you very much for that information! I have 2 ic's to use today to prevent me using another expensive test :) Thank you for the luck! image xx
    Missmyangels... Fantastic!! I'm glad they've never let you down before! I have used superdrug before and got a definite evap - it was a whitish grey line, though.. not a hint of pink... So I kind of know but I'm just unsure and want to make sure I'm being clear minded about it lol! :P I just hope this isn't another chemical, I've had a few since ttc :'( 2 real m/c in 4 years too :'( I just really don't want to hold too much hope on it, I don't want to shatter my heart... I hope so too <3 Thanks for the luck! xx

  • Just went to the loo to do a 10mu ic, and got another faint (I mean exceptionally faint) positive!
    Also, as I wiped I felt REALLY wet and I never do the day before AF, I looked at the tp and saw this...
    image That never happens! Is this normal? image I'm slightly freaking out!

    Here are my ic pics... image This is 1 minute after dipping

    imageThis is at 5 min (I turned it the other way to make sure it's not my eyes playing tricks on me!)

    What do you ladies think?
    I'm seriously not feeling 100% today :( Boobs still hurt, they feel bruised inside all over and really hurt when I touch them, I feel nauseated and extremely dizzy, my lower backs still hurting on and off and I keep getting a zapping feeling down below! - I'm sure there's a lot more but I'm going to keep it short and sweet :)

    Thanks ladies <3 x

  • And I keep getting a crampy feeling just on my bikini line? :/ Not sure what that is! x

  • Your symptoms are very promising hun but I can't see a line 😩 I'm guessing u can though so test again with fmu:)

    I used those tests last pregnancy and got a strong line at 11dpo 

    good luck & keep us posted:)

  • That's why I'm so confused! How is it possible that I'm getting such bad symptoms with no blazing fat positive!? Lol! Fmu has never been my good pee either :( Got my bfp with my son with afternoon pee! And my m/c were both afternoon pee too :( That's amazing!! I never usually trust these ones so I'm being very wary of them, I suppose I'm wary of any test though lol :)
    Thank you, I definitely will keep you posted :)

    Todays symptoms:
    I couldn't sleep properly last night because of boob pain, I kept laying on them and waking myself up and OH kept knocking them and squeezing me against him image
    It's like a very bruised all over pain, they feel really heavy with a dull ache to them.
    They keep occasionally tingling on the sides in the lower part of them close to my ribs and they hurt directly under my nipples too - another abnormal thing!
    I haven't had my period this morning, usually get it in the morning as soon as I wake up and go to the loo, so that's promising!
    Still pretty wet d/below compared to usual, keep getting little cramps (not like period cramps at all) usually my period cramps are in my groin on my right side and they stay there until day 2, these cramps are above my pubic bone and radiate for about 5 inches up and all the way across my abdomen! These cramps I'm having don't feel sharp or 'like I'm having my uterus scraped out' like usual, they're very minimal and are easy to cope with as there's no pain with them :)
    I've been very gassy too, still some lower backache on and off, and a little inner pelvic/hip pain, I feel hungry in the mornings and I never eat in the morning! usually I eat loads at night and nothing until 1pm, I'm eating breakfast now and barely touching my dinner!
    Still have the dizziness but the nausea has subsided today :) Woo!
    And I keep getting new spots!! Usually I have about 1 - 3 a month, this week alone I've already had 10!!
    My partner said to me 'Are you usually this wet?' when we dtd lmao!! image
    I wake up with a sore throat and stuffy nose then about half hour later it's suddenly gone? Not sure what that part is all about!

    I'm sure this all sounds promising right now, but I'm definitely not anywhere close to getting a definite bfp... I just hope I'm on the way to it, and I'm definitely hoping it's this week I get it so that I can arrange mine and beanies care (If I have my sticky little beanie) <3
    I will keep you updated, but I need squinty eyes for now so I will leave you with this from this morning - I think it's a negative today but I'm still holding out hope for that bfp this week <3 :) Thanks ladies! xx


  • Still sounding promising!!:)

    Im cd25 (12dpo) today expecting AF 2day-Friday. I've had heartburn and sore nipples and hungry but did the exact same test as your and negative:/ frustrated as AF symptoms are becoming identical to my pg symptoms!!

    Ibe got 3 kiddies and had 5 miscarriages so with 8 bfps under my belt I know what to look out 4 😂 The sympto missing is frequent peeing which is why I think I'm not pg as I'd expect that from now!!

    fingers crossed for you still hun 😉🍀

  • Oh and just the last 3 days I have noticed my male cat really really hates me :'(
    He keeps attacking me out of no where meaning to hurt me, I treat him like a baby and he usually asks me for cuddles and gives me kisses all the time but now I can't even go near him because he seems so angry with me :'( Is this a normal thing to happen? xx

  • I don't have pets!! I'm allergic to cats especially 😂 I thought animals became more affectionate?! Not sure!!

  • Okay so I have a huge update for you ladies... I'll leave it to you to decide what you think because I am just so puffed out from it all! :(

    On 13th October I woke up to some usual period cramps (Not as bad as usual, usually feels like my uterus is being hacked out with a blunt knife! This time it was more of a dull pulling sensation) and bleeding, not sure how much as it was 5am and I was half asleep and didn't think anything of it! I didn't even remember at that point that I could've been pregnant. I went to the toilet again at 8am and there was just a tiny patch of brick coloured cm on my panty liner.
    1:20pm I was still bleeding a little but it was really patchy and mainly a dark brown colour with a little red in it.
    I was constipated this day and my boobs were still extremely sore beneath and behind my nipples, I occasionally also got a weird feeling in them like someone was pinching my boobs with freezing cold fingers.

    14th October, 4am I went to the toilet and lost a 1cm blood clot that was bean shaped. I was still cramping but they were really dull and all the way across my abdomen, I usually stop cramping as soon as I start to bleed.
    I went to the doctor at 9:10am and told her about all of this but I told her I'd had negative tests just to see if she'd test me and she didn't - but she said going by my symptoms it sounds like an early miscarriage or a threatened miscarriage, she told me to rest, test again on Tues 18th and Thurs 20th if my bleed doesn't get heavier, and if it does get heavier to go straight to a and e as I could be hemorrhaging.
    Nevertheless, my bleeding stayed very very light and was on and off all day and my boobs were still sore (definitely not normal for me!! Usually stops a day before bleeding - I use this to know when af is on her way!).
    At 2:20pm I had a sharp but very tingly feeling behind the right side of my pubic bone, it was definitely not in my bone itself, definitely behind it!! image
    5:30pm Bleeding and cramps had both disappeared, but I had higher tummy 'squeezing'.
    7pm still no bleeding at all.
    8:30pm started cramping again, but no bleeding again all night, had painful thighs.

    15th October, I woke up to a little blood like a 3cm patch on my pad, it was pinky red (Although definitely wouldn't call it red, more magenta!) and really watery!
    Checked at 10:22am still no blood
    Checked at 12:30pm still no blood
    Checked with my finger in the shower at 2pm and had pink &red on finger after touching cervix. No cramps at all just a weird feeling in my tummy like it was swollen.
    Checked at 2:30pm (was really scared by this point) and the bleeding had changed brown.
    Checked at 11pm still brown.
    (PLEASE bare in mind all of this 'bleeding' is only when I wipe unless I say otherwise! my periods are usually so heavy I can feel my uterus trying to escape through my vagina lol!! image)
    16th October, 9am woke up with a tiny brown smear on my pad and only had a teeeeeeeny bit when I wiped.
    No more cramping so far.
    Really weird taste in my mouth like someone made me eat a battery, felt really sick (like hangover sick) and kept 'spinning out' for an hour even though I was laying in bed!! Had some serious excess saliva, couldn't stop dribbling!
    Checked at 11:20am no bleeding at all.
    12pm - 12:05pm had a quick 'flow' of dark red blood, when smeared it's that brick colour!! No cramps at all just a weird sensation and felt suddenly ultra horny lol!!
    Leg cramps on right side at the top of my thigh muscle, bleeding by evening was very minimal and brick colour still.

    Today 17th October, I woke up with weird belly sensation and a little bit of sickness, my boobs are tingly and only hurt when pressed directly on the nipple.
    My bleeding is still dark brown and is only appearing at a rate of 1 drop per every 3 hours. (1 drop meaning a tiny smear on my panty liner)

    On all of these days I've had a small amount of lower back ache and woke up with a stuffy nose which has been fine after an hour every day.

    I took a FRER yesterday at 4pm no hold and then one again this morning with FMU and I'm certainly not sure what to think, my doc did tell me to wait until tomorrow or Thursday so I'm testing 'too early' to know for sure what's going on! But I will post the photos now.

    imageimageIn both pictures, top is yesterdays and bottom is todays!

    I definitely think the doctor was right but I'm still holding out some hope that maybe it could've been implantation, not going to lie :(
    Either that or loss of a twin! I was a twin but my twin disappeared due to vanishing twin syndrome and my mum bled with that.
    I really don't know what to think or feel or believe right now.
    I'm just glad that my doctor has said that if I'm not pregnant after this 'bleed' then she's going to put me in for some fertility checks!! :D (due to 2 previous m/c before this)

    That makes me feel happier and at rest at least :)

    Thank you for following me ladies and I promise I will keep updating you <3 xx

  • Hi iv not had chance to read threw the whole thred but iv seen tour photos and to me it looks like u may of had a chemical pregnancy Co I'm sure I can see the faintest of lines on the first 2 but the rest there is nothing. This happened to me a few month back I have been try for 2 years so I know how it feels.  I have began to give in now the first month of not activatEly trying I I'm on 7dpo and I think I am. Don't worry it will happen good luck xxx

  • Hello katthornton :) That's okay! I thought exactly the same but last night took a strong turn of events for me and has caused me to believe that this may in fact be an ectopic pregnancy, I am watching how I go today and if I get any worse then I will be going to the doctors tomorrow about it, I would go to A & E but it's miles from where I am and at the minute I don't have a car to get me there and I have anxiety so can't grab the bus :(
    Aww bless you hun, I hope you're okay <3 I'm sorry to hear about your chemical. That's really good, see we aren't actively trying, we're just BDing every day like usual and seeing what happens :) I'm in no immediate rush to become pregnant as I have a new job which I start next month eeeekk!! :)

    Thank you so much for your reply hun, I really appreciate it <3 :) Good luck to you too!! Sending you loads of baby dust! xxx

  • Another update...

    17th October PM...
    Dark brown smears on pantyliner every time I go to the loo but only changed pantyliner 3x by 4pm and I woke up at 8am.
    5pm.. Felt sick while eating a banana, usually I love banana's but the feel of it in my mouth made me feel image UGH! :(
    5:10pm.. Pain in right nipple bud, felt like what I could only imagine as someone sticking a hot needle into my nipple! And again at 6pm.
    7pm.. Started getting some severe back pain all over, went really hot and cold very quickly on and off, really bad sickness kicked in 2 minutes later to the point I was crying to stop feeling sick, and I also had lower abdominal cramping which alternated between each side but was mainly on the right and only occasionally on my left side...
    Felt like I was getting jabbed with a skewer on my right side about 2 inches down from the top of my hip bone and close to my groin. (This is why I am thinking possible ectopic?)
    8:10pm.. Still felt sicky and had pains but still no bleeding, had crampy pain just above left of my pubic bone.
    8:30pm.. Tingling all across lower abdomen, still had sick feeling and started having a more 'spaced out' feeling like I wasn't really here.
    10:34pm.. Started bleeding a little again but this time it was a darker brick colour, I only assume it was that colour because it was new blood mixed with my dark brown cm. But it was more dark than usual. Pinchy pains in the outer sides of my boobs all night.

    October 18th...
    Didn't save FMU, fell asleep on the sofa last night because of being unwell and woke up from there at 6am to go pee not thinking straight :(
    7:50am.. Dull pinchy pains in boobs, still getting light pinches in lower abdomen this morning, feels like a pulsing feeling too. Went for smu and forgot to get a plastic cup to pee in!
    9:25am.. Almost bruised feeling in both boobs at the outer side, which is still going at 9:40am.
    Going to save up my 3mu as long as I can for testing later, I will post photos for you.
    I've got dip sticks, Saving my last FRER for Thursday/Friday/Saturday depending on how it all goes.

    <3 Love and light xx

  • Also want to say, the whole time I have been extremely dizzy/faint which I'm keeping an eye on. And right now at 9:46am I feel exhausted, dizzy and very hazy, like I haven't woken up at all... I feel like I'm in dream mode! :(

    Please tell me I'm alive still lol! image xx

  • image

    I am a little confused! I already have two beautiful girls and each time I fell pregnant, the tests seemed so easy to read. Both times I had very dark, certainly positive lines. This time around I took one test because my period was about a week and a half late. There were two lines, but the one line just isn't in the right place. That test was done with FMU. Later in the day, I took another and it came out negative. This was on Friday. I have one more left and I will be testing in the morning. I am wondering if the test looks defective?

  • Hope you get sorted very soon :)

    Ive miscarried 5 times ranging from 2 @ 5 wks

    1 @ 10 wks, 12 wks and 22 weeks!

    I had no pain or cramping with any of them just general pregnancy symptoms and the early ones started with like a sludgy brown discharge followed by bright red watery bleeding within a week.

    I always got very strong pregnancy test lines on a first response from about 12dpo( 4 days b4 AF due)  then with the early miscarriages they slowly faded over a week to 10 days and my CB digital went from 2-3 weeks back to 1-2 so I knew:/

    If you are having a miscarriage I would say you'd have a positive definite positive test so defo test again with First Response so you know what's going on. Otherwise I would see a doctor as you've got all sorts happening and it sounds awful:(

  • That line is definitely in the wrong place I would test again as being 1 1/2 weeks late most tests should pick up HCG and have very strong lines:)

    Good luck x

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