Any thoughts welcome please ximageimage


  • Hi there I'm unsure on that one take it out the platic still you will see better .  I was told on Friday by my doctor I'm pregnant and book me in for the mideife . I done a test at home to show my partner and that came up negative, so I went back to the docs today done another test and that was negative , now I have to go back in a week for another test . I'm so angry and sad at the same time x 

  • Ah sorry to hear that hun i shall keep my fingers crossed for you!! I was pregnant with twins and lost them in August at 11 weeks :(. .  Don't really want to be pregnant right now to be honest!!  But this is result I got x

  • AWe im so sorry to here that . I have been ttc for 8months now xx 

  • Sorry for your loss. I personally hate blue dye tests like these. Blue lines always look faint to me and more likely to be washed out. Try a test with pink dye lines like superdrug early result or first response. They gave me nice clear bfps. Good luck x

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