Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3 thread. The third part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all lots of baby dust.



  • Another new thread :) 

  • Fingers crossed for you butterfly and kaza xx 

    Hope you are feeling better today kimmi xx 

  • Morning girls wow part 4 now, we do love to chat.

    kazza any more bleeding yet ? its totally possible to implant at 12dpo so maybe your still in, I do hope so.

    butterfly I could see a faint line on that frer, I hope it's the start of a BFP and not an indent. Fx

  • Heya gosh we talk a lot haha xx

    Nope no more bleeding as of yet there was a slight tinge of brown when I wiped and not tested today as I thought it would be pointless xx

    Still really nauseous and tired xx

    Hope you girls are okay xx

  • I am telling myself its an indent.

    Really want this cycle to just end now... i am not going to do anything next month.., no sticks, no temping.... just try and relax. After those confusing OPK positives all month at different times I really feel like a crazy person..... and now have the horrible thought that I might be only 3dpo after Fridays blaring positive!!! That was the most positive I had had this month too! 😢 Well if I am, at least i got a Bd in and have bypassed the wait to ovulation! 😂 

  • HI All,

    Butterfly I see a bit of a line and really hope it is positive for you. It is about time we got some good news in our little group.

    I am currently working from home, but laying on the sofa under a blanket. Feel pretty shitty today with a blocked nose and sore throat, extremely tired, backache and headache. One of the mums at the school this morning had to hold me up as I thought I was going to faint.... very odd. I never had morning sickness with E, but I have been getting randomly timed bouts of queasiness for the past few weeks. Around 6/7dpo I woke up with shooting pains in my lower tummy area and have been seeing an odourless creamy mucus ever since. I do hope that these are all positive signs. No sign of AF for me yet and due today/tomorrow. The last 5 cycles have been 29 or 30 days and today is CD 29 for me.

    I am so emotional at the moment and feel miserable. I find myself welling up and tears streaming at the stupidest of things. Really love you girls for all the constant support x 

  • I'm going to do the same as you butterfly 100%....we out far too much stress on n I get obsessed. ...7 months I did tests etc for n threw them in the bin...month 8 got pg xxx

  • Foodiemum your symptoms sound very positive. Really hope it's good news For you xx 

    Butterfly I think  i can see a faint line 😃

    I've made an appt at doctors tomorrow as am still bleeding very heavily. Am hoping it's all the leftover stuff from my Erpc coming out so this cycle i am all 'cleaned out'. Hoping it's nothing more serious. 

  • So I've woken up today feeling like pants, boobs are fuller but not sore. lots of creamy discharge (sorry tmi). have pains in my tummy but not low enough to be ovaries...nothing like pains I get before af. Took a test this morning but was negative. Im driving myself mad!!

  • Foodie I am the same as you.... feel so poorly. Itchy painful sinuses and headache and in bed :( getting pulling pains too. Boobs hurt, nipples seem darker and have bumps round them. Aching all over too and eyes sore.

    louise, after my ERPC I only bled for 24 hours but was v painful. The ERPC is meant to take everything out so in theory shouldn't be anything to come out.... not saying this to frighten you, but think maybe you should get the doc to check you out. My last 2 cycles have been really light, last one wasnt painful at all which is unusual for me. 

  • Pretty convinced that line was an indent.... but thanks ladies :)

  • Sat here still torturing myself about that positive OPK on Friday morning. Just remembered that when we were traveling on Friday night I was sleeping then we had a wee break at about 10pm.... when I got back in the car I had a really sharp pulling on my right side and then horrendous cramps for about half an hour, like af cramps... what if i really did O then?! Have a nasty feeling I am now at 3dpo.... least we BDd If that is the case!!! But another 11 days of torture.... really???? 

    Can you tell I am bored at home and feeling sorry for myself? Lol

  • I have just been asleep for hours and have woken up even more tired and with heavy sore boobs.... I have no idea what is going on with my body!

  • Hi all, 

    New thread again 😊

    My back is a bit better today thank God! But still having spasms in the lower back but the sciatica has pretty much gone. 

    Decided to wear a different dress this weekend so just been to town to get shoes. Got a pair in the sale. Love a bargain.

    Sorry to hear your all feeling rough! Hope your appointment goes ok tomorrow Louise. 

    Hugs x 

  • Glad you're feeling better kimmi. Ooooh love a new shoe.

    not worn heels for ages. Have 2 pairs of Louboutins, but since my back op not been able to wear them :( 

  • Louboutins 😍😍

    How is everyone? 

    I'm still the same just light steaks of brown when I wipe jus want af to hit properly so can got on with next cycle 😢 xx

  • One minute I have cramps.... the next minute completely gone! 

    literally have convinced myself that I ovulated on Friday / Saturday now... since Sunday all my CM has completely gone now, where as before there was loads (TMI) 

    ha saying that, will prob get AF now! 😂

  • It's so bloody stressful....so u think u ovulated twice? I think I did that when I got pg with 2nd cos took ages to get a positive test n when I did they put me back 3 weeks at ultrasound lol xxxx need af to show but what confuses me is my cervix is so so high n soft n walls inside are so swollen 😭😢xx

  • I don't think it's very common to do that / extremely rare.... I think maybe I was gearing up to OV and it didn't happen Because was wound up. 

    Last month CB backed up my positive sticks but this month they didn't and then I ran out. 

    I also stared 7 seas this month and an now reading that it's messed some people's cycles up and made them longer!!! aaarrgghhhh

    i might stop everything. Got Pg last time and I was getting hammered, smoking and taking morphine for my back! 

  • Wow! Another thread!

    Hi ladies!

    I think I'm ovulating. My temp dropped today. Past few days my opk lines were rather faint n then today, BAM! Cervix feels open as well. Check n see if it is guys! I don't think it will get any darker. image

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