Confused - Missed period but negative test

Hi all! I am a new bee... I am so confused! I missed my period with 12 days in August ( periods is on I knew something happened) I took a cheapie test on the 6th Sep and it had a faint line in the positive. On the 6th at night I had a brownish yellow discharge but only when I wiped... On 7th Sep i started to get a pinkish discharge and then went to red and dark red, Normally with my pms i will pass clots and have heavy cramping but did not have any at all. I then tested again it was negative. Then I calculated when my next period would start - It was supposed to be on the 04 Oct  and again nothing I am again +-7 days overdue( I did the test with the digital clearblue again it was negative).... I will still let it go for 2 weeks and then make appointment with doc.. Anybody experience this type of thing... sooooo confused!!!!image

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