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long story cut short... miscarried in April 2016, been trying to conceive ever since. Going through numerous tests and been referred to gynaecologist to try get some answers as to why my periods are irregular and to explain the stomach ache I get every month. So my last period was 22/9/16 which lasted 5 days. 10 Days after that I started to get a brown discharge when I wiped, this carried on into the next day then on the afternoon I wiped and had a blob of discharge with a dot of blood in it. I was experiencing mild cramping this day along with some lower back pain. Generally thought my period was going to start again. Since then I've ad slightly sore nipples. Everything was fine the next day.Going to post a picture of the blob of discharge that I got. I've never experienced this ever!!! image Any answers as to what it could be? I've read on the internet that it can happen when ovulating but it's not common?? My first thought was implantation 🤔 But then thought it couldn't possibly be only 10 days after my period 🤔 onky just joined this forum today see if I can get some answers it's been driving me insane since lol . 


  • Was it 10 days after you started or after you finished your period. 

    I had an implantation bleed before my MC and I thought it was my period 10 days early.... we weren't actively trying so I didn't know about IBs... 

    plus if you are having irregular cycles, you could be OVing? I have had a ridiculous cycle this month with 4 sets of positive OPKs.... thought I ovulated on cd14 but if AF doesn't show on Thursday I will know it was afterwards! 

    My first cycle after my ERPC was 28 days then 26 days and now this weird one.... am on CD27 today... I too have had cramps and stomach aches constantly.... I think it's just our bodies readjusting And our uterus getting back to normal.

  • It was 10 days after my period. I've never had anything like this before. My cycles seem to get more weird every month Since mc. I think I could of possibly ovulated early, I'm normally quite in tune with my body (although it sounds weird) I can normally tell I'm ovulating by the stringy unbreakable discharge i get, I often get ovulation cramping on either left or right side. I use ovia tracking app and the spotting would of fell right in when I was about to ovulate. But I think I could of maybe ovulated early around the 2nd/3rd October. Yeah I'm hoping it's my body just returning to normal. 

  • Sorry didn't read the question properly lol. It was 15 days from the start of my period and 10 from the day my period finished x

  • If you ovulated day 10 it could be implantation.... I had a 24 day cycle the one before I got pregnant. My luteal phase is always  14 days. Your luteal phase shouldn't change the only thing that can is Ovulation which will then have a knock on effect to when your af is due. Stress can also delay it too. 

    i have been taking seven seas this cycle and just read a load of stories about it lengthening people's cycles, so am worried it's done that to me.... or stress has delayed OV! Not sure what I would prefer now... AF on Thursday so I can start again and just leave it all to chance or to be 3dpo (ridiculous positive On Friday and a lot of CM) and still have some hope 😂

  • Well unless I get any obvious symptoms that make me test I'm going to hold out to see if period shows. Can't cope with anymore disappointment! I have sore nipples now, seemed to get them as soon as I seen the discharge, along with cramping and lower back ache. my boobs normally get sore after ovulation right up till period but that's more on the sides of my boobs. This is literally just the nipples that hurt.

    im yet to try any vitamins or anything yet, I was waiting till Friday to see my doc to see what he would advise me to take.

    ps I had no idea it would take this long to conceive after miscarriage!!! I just assumed it would happen straight away! Do you have any children at all? I've got a 5 year old little boy, I think he wants me to have a baby just as much as I do 😂

  • None. Will be my first. We weren't trying but weren't preventing. So we were shocked when I got PG after 16 months of no Contraception bit then we only see each other weekends and once a week because of work. 

    My previous job was super stressful and I had a back op in March so think after starting a new non stress job and having my back fixed, my body relaxed. 

    If my OV was delayed this month I think it was stress related as was having a horrible month at work and was obsessing over sticks and temps and the OH decided he wanted to stop trying so that upset me. 

    At least if I did OV on Friday then I have some hope as we dtd without protection! think he was getting fed up with the mechanics of it all where as before we were just having fun. That's why next month have decided to not track and see what happens. We are going away around ny normal OV days for the weekend, but this stupid cycle may have put pay to that idea!!!!

  • Also my doctor told me to just take folic acid. 

  • Well to be honest in September I think I had totally gave up! we only had sex once that month. I just got myself so fed up and just wasn't in the mood at all! But maybe my body was telling me I just needed a break. 

    Ill eat my hat if I am pregnant This month. Had period on the 22nd september, ended the 26th. Could of possibly ovulated around the 2nd. Had sex on the 2nd October and the 4th then had the discharge and spotting on the 6th and 7th didn't have sex after that till the 8th and 9th because I was worried something was wrong. previous months I was having sex every couple of days! 

    I think I've also had a very stressful time for the last few month. Which could be mucking my periods up. I've been worrying and stressing thinking I had something wrong with me and also stress with work.

    we'lol get our rainbow baby's soon. I have faith :)

  • Let's hope so :) I can't wait to be a Mum. I know I will be terrified when I finally get my bfp though 

  • Although I've had a baby before, after my mc I think I'll be terrified seeing them 2 lines again. I get worried over the littlest of things and I know I'll have a panic on thinking what if it happens again. But I'm a strong believer in the saying what will be will be! And I truely believe if it's meant to happen it will happen. Doesn't matter how long it takes :) good luck to you and I hope you get your bfp soon. Thanks for replying to me :) x

  • No problem at all Hun. I believe that too. And wishing you good luck too x 

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