Advice please?

Hey first time poster! I did post before but needed to add some things and i didnt know how to edit :) Im not trying to have a baby.. if it happens it happens.. i want kids more then anything but im not trying as such my partner and i will be happy if it happens but if it take time thats okay to, i stopped the pill 3-4 weeks ago.. have had unprotected sex a few times.. today i had some rightness in my belly and a light pink/orange/yellow bit of discharge which has an unusual smell.. not due for my period for another 7-10 days.. when can i take a test? I dont think i am though as i havent been off the pill long? Help.. advice? Past experiences..


  • Some ladies test 10 days after ovulation. what you have said could be implantation, if so hcg should start showing after 4 days or so. I had a IB and thought my period had arrived 10 days early!!!! Wasn't though! We weren't actively trying so I didn't test until was 4 days late 

  • Flybutterflyfly 

    Your saying i should wait another 4days before taking a test or wait till im due for my period?

  • I did a random pregnancy test at my doctors a week ago and it was negative.. maybe im just overthinking and my chance of pregnacy is low cos i stopped the pill not long ago? Part of my hopes i am but the other part worries about having to tell family and stress of money if i am..

  • A week ago you wouldn't have been pg in my opinion. 

    If you can wait until you are due on or late then that's better, but no one ever does! 

    its entirely up to you. Problem with testing early is you risk picking up hcg from a fertilised egg that doesn't implant and will just pass with your period.... they are called chemical Pregnancys. But if what you had today is an IB then it might be worth a go.... but test will need to be a sensitive one like first response and generally should be used 4 days before your period is due. 

    it could also just be your hormones getting back to normal.... 

    if you aren't too concerned and just letting it happen you maybe better to just try and wait it out

  • Okay thank you 

  • I have a friends birthday party tomorrow night so i think ill have to take a test today..

  • If your period is still a week away, you may not get a BFP still This early. Just have fun at the party. Too many of us (me included) put our life on hold for something that may not be.... before these early tests we would never have known anyway ;-) 

    good luck x

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  • Got a negative today will wait to see if my period comes in a week or so. If not ill look at testing again. Will enjoy my party tomorrow but wont over do it just incase thank you x

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