TTC baby no.3

Hey guys brand new to this site but hoping for some advice please. Went on injection 2 years ago and stopped taking this year (2016) in february. Started menstruating may and soon had a pattern of every 30 days I menstruated. AF was due 8 days ago and have taken 3 pregnancy tests all negative. When AF was due this month I had 3 days of low cramps and 2 days of cramps after AF should have come. Feel nauseous off and on and my boobies are so tender around nipples and in armpits. Driving myself crazy trying to work out whats going on with my body and cant help but feel a little sad that only one line comes up on test. My partner and I are more than ready to add to our little family. Please help and sorry for the long read 


  • Your cycle length will depend on your OV day. After ovulation you have a luteal phase which never changes.... this is only my 3rd cycle tracking after a miscarriage but have worked out my luteal phase is 14 days. Once you have ovulated you add your luteal phase on and this is when you are due. 

    when I ovulated on cd12 my cycle was 26 days.  Cd 14 was 28 days. 

    This month my OV was delayed to stress and think it was on cd 23 so I have to wait another 10 days before my AF is due :( 

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