I was due on Friday 30th - nearly 2 weeks ago. I've taken several tests of different brands from clear blue, early detection and the cheap pound land ones - all negative! I went to doctors and they done a blood test, also negative. I have symptoms of being pregnant, feeling slightly sick (not physically been sick), heartburn, more acne than the normal spot here and there, bloating of the stomach constantly, headaches, tiredness. But everything is negative - doctors advised to leave it a week and test again (due to test on Monday) - not suffered any stress to cause period being late - normally on time with being late by 1-2 days max ! Anyone gone through anything like this and can advise whether they were or weren't pregnant ?! 
Wish I could either just come on or show up on a test


  • I went through this just a few months ago. For no particular reason my cycle suddenly became three weeks longer than usual. It was so annoying and I keptwondering if I was pregnant but my stupid period showed up in the end. The following cycle though I did get pregnant so wasn't all bad. Good luck hun.

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