Is this a positive ovulation test!? Help please.

image Hi everyone! 

what do people think? is this a positive ovulation test. Sorry. Completely new to this and it's my first OT with 2 lines showing up since coming off the pill!!!!(Sorry little bit excited!!!!!) advise please :) xx


  • Not yet but almost. Needs to be equal strength or the test line has to be stronger x

  • Yep it's nearly there like flybutterfly said. You should start having sex now anyway though because it's best to get some sperm in there before you ovulate so they are already there waiting for the egg. Sperm can live for three or four days inside you but eggs only live for one day so definately make love on ovulation day but do it in the days leading up to it too. That's what my doctor recommended and it's how I got pregnant image

  • thank you flybutterfly fly! 

    so shall I do one each day until the line matches the colour then? 

    Any ideas on how long that'll be!?! 

    Thank you xx

  • Ahh thanks scribble! 

    How Exciting! 

    shall I do ovulation tests daily then until the colour of the lines are the same? but yeah as you say I'll have sex too and hope for the best! 

    thank you for you comments! 


  • I always do them with second morning urine everyday and confirm them with temping. 

    You can get a positive and still not ovulate.... you can only confirm ovulation by getting a temp rise after a positive stick. 

  • Thank you. Might give that ago! 

    ive been feeling sick over the past few days, few cramps etc so am hoping something is going on! :D xx

  • Temps have to be first thing in the morning too the minute you wake up using a basal thermometer xxx

  • Thank you. 

    How many days do you think til I'll see a positive!? 


  • If that was last night I would have said this morning...

  • I'm so confused. the one I've posted already was late last night. I've just done another one now and it's very faint. Have posted a picture. 

    What do you think?? xximage 

    you can't really see on the photo but there's a faint 2nd line. sorry to go on! lol xx

  • Ps. I've had mild cramps in my side all day! x

  • Sounds like it happened already x

  • That's what I'm hoping! Thank you Hun xx

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