hey I'm not currently ttc however I need abit if advice me and my partner are not trying and not preventing I havnt felt 100% for the past week af is two days away! I've been checking cp and cm and here what I've been experiencing 

minimal watery cm 

low soft closed cp 




heightend sexual drive 


mood swings 

slight period cramps 

im going slightly insane and don't want to text untill Ive missed a period but would anyone be able to give me any advice on wether they think this is af or a pregnancy symptoms??? 


  • It could be either really. The annoying truth is that early pregnancy symptoms are almost the same as period symptoms. I've thought i was pregnant in several cycles in the past but turned out not to be and then in one cycle with hardly any symptoms I actually was pregnant. The tricks our bodies play! Good luck with testing. 

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