Pink disharge... then early period

Hi all

First time posting so please bear with me. My partner and I are on cycle 3 of ttc. I started this week quite optimistic as I had what I thought was implantation bleed. On Tuesday 11.10 I had a pale pink stain when I wiped and then nothing until today 14.10 2 days before by expected period 

I am usually spot on when it comes to my period and all week by breast feel heavy and sensitive and I had on and off cramping something I don't usually have when approaching AF.

I think I'm out this month as having heavy cramping and bleeding as if on AF.  However wanted to know if anyone out there had similar situation only to get a BFPimage

Thanks x


  • This is our 2nd attempt. Firat was withoutbclomid. This one is with. i am currently at the end of 15 dpiui. I basically have had light cramps since the iui. Along the way I felt other symptoms such as sore breasts, vivid dreams, sensitive to smells, nausea and irritability. I had Acupunture done 4 hours after the iui , and 2 more times afterwards. This afternoon, I felt maybe a little extra crampy..and when I got home from work, I had very light pink discharge when I wiped, which has now turned to light brown. The cramps are basically gone.  We are scheduled to have a blood test done in 2 days. Fingers crossed. Wondering what tomorrow will bring. staying positive no matter what.

    good luck everyone.

  • When I fell in May before my MC I had a period.... was 10 days early and lasted 2 days.... I even used a tampon.... it wasn't until afterwards that my boobs were hurting and was bloated and dizzy and my AF didn't arrive when it should have done that I took a test. 

    Today i have started spotting... 2 weeks after a near positive OPK but a week after a very positive OPK so have no idea where I am at! 

  • My fingers are crossed for you both

    I think af is here to stay it's a really heavy bleed this is my second day of it and still have cramps so I'm fully out. Would love to hear if you get bfp's though! Least I can try again in two weeks lol

    Only real dissapointment is that I had what I thought was implantation bleed and cramps 

    Think mother nature is laughing at me

  • Well... turns out it was AF. 

    Keeping postive and gonna try again In November or December.  

    Wondering if it's better to give my ovaries a rest go right a month.(?)

    This will be my 4th round of Clomid.

    good luck ladies!

  • Good luck

    Maybe a rest will do some good

    It's so emotionally draining but I always think a week of enthusiastic bd'ing makes it easier lol

  • Thanks MB! Best of luck to you For next time!! Hope it's a BFP!!:)

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