Having to put TTC on hold

I'm gutted. We've got a holiday booked just the two of us, no kids, in 4 weeks time. Just found out it's been classified as a high risk area for the Zika virus.

You catch it from mosquitos, don't know you have it, it is also sexually transmitted, and stays in your system for 8 weeks - 6 months. It causes severe life limiting disabilities in the foetus. 

We've been told not to try for three months if we show no flu symptoms, if we do show them, its six months. I don't have time for this, I'm 36!!

we had sex last night and I'm fertile now!! Argggghhh! 


  • Hi. We will be coming back from Mexico mid September and planning to ttc our first early December. Would you advise waiting a full 3 months if no symptoms?

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