Thin purple veins? Cycle day 78

Well I'm currently on cycle day 78 all hpts have been negative last period 30th july-3rd august. I had 2/3 lots of tiny amounts of spotting only lasting a day and barley there at all. I don't normally use opks but when I missed my first period I started to use them and have not ovulated since 

I have been getting bad headaches, and very tired dont matter how much i sleep i still need more, last week I started getting very nauseous I was heaving to be sick but wasn't actually sick (I'm never sick or never normally feel sick either) my boobs feel achey and have noticed  loads of small thin purple veins on my breasts which i have never seen big blue veins are normally noticeable anyway as I have big boobs but even they look bolder 

I was pretty much convinced I weren't pregnant until I started feeling sick and now these random purple veins 

Have a internal scan boomed 26th October 

I'm sooooo confused

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