Pls help

Hi im new here i just want to ask my boyfriend and i have unprotected sex last sept 18 and he ejaculated in me.then my fertile and ovulation day as per my calendar was sept 19-26.last sept.26 I started to feel lower abdominal and back pains up to oct 7.last oct 8 i have light spot so i put napkin then 2nd day became heavy on the third day medium and on the fourth day very light.based on my calendar my period is due on oct 17 but i think i came early..what does it mean do u think that is my monthly period?i feel nausea up to now..but lower abdominal and back pains already gone..sometimes i have breast pain..pls help me to know whats going on with me mentraul cycle last sept was 31days.between September to October this year.pls help 🙏🙏🙏thanks in advance.


  • Your symptoms could be pms or an upset cycle from stress but have you taken a pregnancy test? It might be a good idea just to check. x

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