Am I stupid?

Hi I experienced a chemical pregnancy back in July and was convinced I was pregnant again back in September, loads of symptoms but thought I'd wait for a missed period before took a test. My period is usually 2days early. this time it was on time. Only lasted three days, usually 5, but normal flow.

I still have pregnancy symptoms a week later. I have been to the Drs as going dizzy, back and breast pain, tiredness and funny taste in my mouth but got brushed off,  told they would fade. flet stupid really. But just got a feeling I'm pregnant, took a cheap home pregnancy test and negative. is it just my body wanting me to be pregnant? Any one else been through this? Thanks. 


  • You could test again in another week with first morning urine and if it's still negative you are almost certainly not pregnant. Sometimes we want things so bad we create symptoms for ourselves. Good luck on your ttc journey x

  • P.s - having said that, there are some rare women who have taken weeks to get a positive pregnancy test so you may not be out yet. See what your next period is like and if it's unusual ask your doctor for a blood test just to make certain of what's going on. 

  • Thank you. Yeah I will, first urine. Does that include getting up in the night? Early hours? As been going in the night,  then tested after that could that have effected results!

    yeah maybe I'm just searching for symptoms that aren't actually there just because I really want them. Thanks x

  • I think as long as the urine has been held for over four hours it should be concentrated enough. Good luck hun x

  • I feel the same. I was so convinced I was pregnant. Just done a test and its negative. I'm gutted.

  • Awww really? What a shame. How far along did you think you were? Some tests don't show up really early on. 

    Hopefully, we will all get the results we want next month. Heart break each month so upsetting. Take care xx

  • I tested early - not due on until later in the week - so maybe there is still hope. But since getting the negative, I feel like all of my "symptoms" have just disappeared. Feel like I'm going mad - I obviously wanted it so much that I started imagining things! Everything crossed for both of us next month - this whole thing is just so stressful! Xx

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