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Some advice please.. again!!

Earlier on I posted a picture of a ovulation strip with 2 dark lines, the T line being not as dark as the 2nd line so I know that's technically a negative (I did this last night) the one i took the day before had a very faint line and all the ones I took before that had no 2nd line what so ever. I just did another one and the line is very faint. What does this mean!? Why would I have a dark line last night and a very faint line today? 

Help please! xx


  • From my own experience the faintness/darkness didn't mean anything really, i suppose it takes into account how concentrated your urine is... how long you held it, how much you've had to drink, what you've drank etc. Mine bounced around but then suddenly was darker than the control line. I nearly gave up thinking i must have missed it, glad i didn't. Keep testing =) 

  • Don't worry too much about what the sticks say. Just have sex every two or three days throughout the weeks after your period and you can't miss ovulation image

  • Thanks girls :) 

    i havent been long off the pill that's why I'm a little obsessed with seeing a positive OT! as can't wait for my body to go back to normal!!

    im going to give up worrying and like you say Scribble just do the deed every few days! 


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