2 week wait. Anyone wanna wait with me?

Hi all,

Just started my 2WW. 1dpo and ttc #2. Anyone else want to wait with me? 



  • Hi Sam! The 2ww is such a drain! I hope that you are feeling positive this month?

    I am in a strange month. According to my calendar and observation of my cm and ovulation twinges, I ovulated 2 weeks ago (between the 27th and 29th). Ever since them I have had consistent twinges and fluttering.never had it consistentlyrics for 2 weeks before so it was very odd. Af was meant to arrive 3 days ago but still nothing. I had really intense cramping the last 3 days and was so sure that af would arrive but still nothing and I am feeling so wet (sorry for the tmi) that I keep running  to the toilet thinking that af has arrived but nothing. .......I took a hpt yesterday and got a bfn. So odd though. I'm 3 days late (I've never been late before, usually early but never late) and wetness and twinges. I'm thinking to test again in a few days. If I can help it I will wait till next week Wed  (so week after expected period ). Have you ever experienced this? 

  • Hi greenteam =)

    I'm only 1dpo but I'm so inpatient i hate waiting for anything lol. 

    This is only my first month ttc this time and my 1st pregnancy i had a gut feeling at 7dpo on my 1st month so unfortunately i have no experience with your situation.

    But one of my friends did, she was nearly 3 weeks past af due date before she got her BFP dr said the hgc was just slow to show up so fingers crossed for you.

  • Anyone?? Now 3dpo x

  • Hi, I'm a bit ahead, 10dpo, af due Friday. Got cramping at the moment, it started yesterday. Not feeling confident, it's our first month tto so need to be realistic that it's unlikely to happen. Tested yesterday and today with FMU, both BFN. Just writing this thinking 'oh, my boobs are a bit tingly' funny how the symptom spotting creeps in!! 

  • Hey I'm on 6dpo, ttc 2 years fertility tests indicate low sperm count but last test show and increase. This month we didn't try we just dtd whenever since Thursday my symptoms have been a joke lol

    5do Irritable anxiety snappy, off smoking can't smoke no more 

    The main issue has been extreme back pain I even went to put of hours I was in that much pain. Iv had cramps ..I thought I was in labour (laboured twice b4 and csec) 

    6dpo saw boobs heartburn nausea bloating unny feeling in tummy wet headaches off food and some smells 

    Dying to take a test but must control...at what point will u do a test. Keep me posted and I will do the same good luck to all xx

    7dpo saw boobs  (underarms too ) exhaustion snappy wet acid reflux in mouth had to swollew ugh 

  • Oh and had a saw throat since 3dpo. .losing voice etc xx

  • Hi magic and kat

    Fingers cross for you both for a BFP this month. I keep symptom spotting sore boobs, nausea, cramps the lot but then think I'm only 4 dpo I'm over thinking it.

    With dd i knew the day after i concieved her but somehow made it to 7dpo before testing lol so sometimes you just know. 

    Positive thinking ladies sending lots of baby dust x 

  • I'm always watching for symptoms every month and there is always something there but this time I feel pregnant and it will break my heart if I'm not. 2 years of this hasn't been easy I also had a really early miscarriage 3 month ago I got 8 bfp whilst I was spotting and a cb  q to 2 weeks but the spotting continued and the lines faded at least it all happened together ...the only symptoms I had then was very snappy (like now) and I had a strong craving for salt I was going to the chippy purely for salt on a burger .. it was bad. Lol iv been told off a physic that I'm sue to fall with twin boys ...either she needs to keep her mouth shut or it will be an interesting find if I am lol :) nice to meet u girls not really spoke about my journey so nice to share xx

  • Omg bless your heart thats so unfair for you. I will keep everything crossed for you, you deserve a BFP this month =) when are you planning to take a test?

    Like i said b4 i just knew with my last pregnancy sometimes head knows before your body lol.

    Are you taking coseption support or anything. Ive also recently read that drinking pineapple juice post ovulation help the egg stick. Lets hope ur physic knows her stuff and it would be great if it were twin as well =)

    We haven't told anyone that we're ttc due to unnecessary stress so its nice to chat to others about symptoms, worries and excitement x x

  • Hiya chick I couldn't hold out to take a test toke one this morning and of corse it's too early I'm sure I can see a colourless faint line but probs line eyes lol. 

    Not taken anything coz I don't want to be "trying" anymore the amount of people that have said atop trying and it will happen so that's my plan lol. 

    What symptoms are you having honey? X

  • Green team any sign of af or have u done a test yet ? Xx

  • Gutted, try again in a few days, if was a v faint line it should get darker soon. Yeah my sister was ttc for yrs but as soon as she "stopped trying" she got her BFP

    been getting backache, heartburn and tender boobs the the new one today is a massive increase of smell lol and I've had a 2nd spike in my bbt fx its a good sign of triphasic charting =) 

    How are your symptoms today? x 

  • Just went to the loo and wiped and there was the tell tale signs that AF is on her way. Gutted. I know that until I see proper blood I could still be but I'm counting myself out. At least she has come early I guess, means I don't have to waste my time believing I am. Maybe I shouldn't take it so hard on the first cycle, but the disappointment is all new so feels pretty raw. Good luck to everybody else. 

  • Aww hun i wouldn't count yourself out yet, it could be implantation bleeding, when is AF due? 

    Keep thinking positive, and if it is AF you are allowed to be upset it natural. Fingers crossed for you keep us posted. 

    Personally i would yo hpt 14dpo regardless of AF come anyway, just in case x 

  • My app said due Friday but I don't know for sure when I ovulated. Was on a 2 week holiday and fertile bang in the middle. We had loads of bd so I guess although it's our first cycle I had really high hopes! My app says I'm on cycle day 33 and due day 35 but looking back I vary from 33 to 36 so I'm pretty positive its my period. 

    I was just looking online at bbt charting, I work shifts so I'm not sure it would work for me, and OH doesn't want me getting 'obsessed' so I might try that if we're not pregnant in a couple of months. I do use opk's to try to follow my ovulation but didn't this first cycle trying as just wanted to have fun and relax on holiday, thought that would be the best way. I guess not! 

  • There is a long running thread over here if you wanted to join us? 

    We are all a bit symptom spotting crazy though :) 


  • Oh god I can't read threw all that haha. I'd get nothing done all day lol. And I like to read it all x

  • Thanks everybody for being so nice. There were some tears yesterday! Silly girl. 

    Seems to have subsided today. Its usual for me to have brown, tissue like discharge before my period starts. And it does sometimes appear then stop for a day and then continue. 

    I was so crushed last night I really don't want to get my hopes up again, but I've been obsessively googling IB all day. As if Google will sonehow produce a difinitive answer for me, which of course it won't. Guess it's just back to waiting, watching and maybe allowing a tiny bit of hoping! X

  • Hi sorry ladies,

    its been a very busy day today, how is everyone feeling today? 

    Google has become my best friend and worst enemy recently, I'm now 6dpo and today i don't think I've had any symptoms jump out at me (without questioning have a felt nauseous today etc) although my temp is still triphasic so i suppose thats something but obviously still not a guarantee x x

  • Opinions please. I'm 13dpo due on my period tomorrow. Cat woke me at 3.30am so went for a pee then without thinking, then when my alarm went at 5.30 I took the test at the bottom and the line appeared straight away. I showered and then looked again, still there. Kicked myself that I'd thrown away my sample as wanted to use another strip incase it's a false negative. Managed to squeeze out another pee a while after and dipped the middle and top. All are internet cheapies and all supposed to be 10mlu. What do you think?


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