Should I test?


So this is the first time I have been on one of these sites so bare with me.

Me and my DH have been trying to conceive we have DTD a lot this month. Sorry if its tmi, my period came on schedule on Thurs but late on thurs, for 26hrs there was hardly any blood, even when I wiped. I changed my pad twice in that time just for comfort. I'm now 42hrs into my period and it's a really light flow, no uterine shedding. Iv had a few cramps but normally I spend a good 24hrs in discomfort. For the past week and a half I have had nausea, cramping and strange pulling/cramps in my lower abdomen, my boobs are really heavy and sore even my nipples. My mood swings have been really bad having a go at my DH for no reason, I have been unbelievably tired - falling asleep on the sofa after dinner, sleeping in till really late on days off, headaches and iv now developed a dy cough. Iv had a cold which i thought had gone but has come back. 

What do people think - could I be pregnant? Is it worth taking a test? 

Thank you for your time 


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