Period due today I need help

hey guys I don't really know what to say I need advice I have had 3 pervious pregnancys and every single one has been so different! but my period was due today for the past few days I've had sore boobs which I have had to buy a new bar to accomidate them allready! the slightest thing is making me feel sick even saying the word bacon is making my stomach churn I've had period pains for the past four days af was due today now nothing!!! well everything apart form the period pains! i feel so down I just want to cry I'm convinced if I do a hpt I'll see a bfn which I don't want oh cp is also very high hard and slightly open i think I've had a lot of watery white cm too I just need help should I get a hpt tommorow?! 


  • I've never been pregnant but ive heard period cramps and pregnancy cramps can be really similar. I guess if you still dont have a period tomorrow you should test. Good luck xx

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