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19dpo no signs of af and no bfp PLEASE READ

I came off evra patch end of july to start trying for number 3...had first af 1st august n my cycle was 32 days i think in total....
.anyway My latest cycle started 14th Sept af ended 18th.. I had spotting on the 27th and ovulatued on 28th (positive opk)...then i had 2 days of what i would call spotting at 12 and 13dpo (reddy brown blood initially then stopped after 2 hours and was a browny mucus til tea time next day) since then I had signs of things looking positive for pregnancy....pressure in uterus area...tingling nip's on n off...heartburn. .headaches...backache and nauseous on n off too.....
Now normally when I take a hpt they show nothing at all but there were some sort of lines over the weekend....did another this morning and nothing BFN
Still having the pressure...cp is high and softish and like a watery lotion cm
Please someone help me I'm going insane and keep crying with the stress.....when should I test again


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