First response faint line but clear blue NOT PREGNANT


so I last had sex September 17 which according to my period app would have been my fertile/ovulation week. I am now 13 days late. I took a first response test and it looks as if there is a faint faint line. But is it a positive line or an evap line? i can't tell. I also took a clear blue digital tonight and it came back not pregnant. I'm hoping it's not a false positive (the first response test) but I'm worried it's just an evap line. I looked at the first response test after took it and it said negative (unless the line was just so faint I didn't even notice it) then saw it in the trash can after a little while and it looked as if there was a line. Obviously the window was no longer white when I saw the test the second time. It was yellow. So the line was visible to me against the yellow background. What do you guys think? Help!


  • I can see your line but it's so light its hard to see if it's pink or grey. If you are pregnant it should naturally get darker over the next few days as your hormones increase. Or call your GP, you might be able to have a blood test so you know either way, they should be more willing to help as you are 13 days late for your period. GL.

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