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So my DH and I dtd a lot over my last ovulation period and shortly after I was feeling tired, nausea, started getting moody and sore boobs. I thought maybe this month it has happened. So my period was due on the 13th Oct, it started about 630 pm but was really light, literally nothing there, this continued until about 8pm the next night it got a little heavier but not to the extreme like I normally have then finished on the 16th. I still have headaches, tiredness, nausea, light headed, dry cough, funny feelings in my abdomen, loss of appetite, sore boobs to the extreme - however today my boobs seemed to have calmed down, last night I had really bad pains in my legs, I did a clearblue test this morning and it came out as negative. Should I leave it or try a different one? 



  • Maybe test again in a few days to make sure. 

  • Thanks perhaps in will wait until the weekend.

    Should I try a clear blue again or a different one? What do you think? 


  • You're having the exact same symptoms as me!! :( I tested before my due period and got 3 mega mega faint positives, now all are negative, I've been bleeding on and off for 6 days now and I've had loads of aches, pains, cramps and pinches in my lower abdomen! I haven't tested since yesterday morning, but I'm going to do a FRER today once I've held my pee for long enough (I accidentally went for a pee this morning without doing my FRER :( ) You totally sound like me right now and I was told on Friday that I am experiencing an early m/c by my dr who, although I told her it was negative on tests (couldn't exactly see my positives properly) told me to test again this week exactly a week after I started to bleed or the day before. She said if the bleeding gets heavy, if I acquire a fever above 38c or if I have any excessive cramping, shoulder tip pain or all of the above together then to go straight to a and e, I'd advise you to do the same hun! It sure sounds like you're experiencing the same. This isn't anything like previous m/c I've had at all, but there's a first for everything huh? :( I hope you're okay and don't panic hun, you'll be just fine!
    Here's a link to my post... http://www.madeformums.com/forum/unknown-forum-0/help-with-pregnancy-tests-photos-included/230451.html?postId=1905502

    Although we haven't come to a proper conclusion yet on what exactly it is I'm experiencing (Yes, I know my dr said m/c, but I'm not sure going by my symptoms!) But if you follow, I'm updating as much as I can so that anyone going through the same can get the best treatment asap, I hope I've helped you <3 Baby dust! xxx

  • Yeah first response tests are better than clear blue. Good luck!

  • I'm Hong to do a first response tomorrow and see what happens 🤔 fin gets crossed! 

  • Omg predicted text! 

    I'm going to do a first response tomorrow and see what happens. Fingers crossed! 🤔

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