Hpt results scary


my husband and I have been pregnant before and at the time we're not ready to be parents. Now that we are we are struggling. my dr told me to toss out all ovulation tests and to stop looking at calendars and just have fun. We have been doing that for 3 months now and still struggling. My cycles have also been off by sometimes 45+ days. This go around my period is due today and have not gotten it yet. I have been having odd symptoms then normal cycle type so I said if start testing. But it's hard to understand the results because they aren't consistent. I took one the other day and it had a fairly positive but later when I looked again it was deff positive. But reviews online says evaporation lines. So I too. A few more. I'm super anxious so I don't care how much I spend and how many I take.  Help me read these...


  • The early ones look positive to me :) 

    digitals aren't as sensitive as the early test so should only use those after your period is late xxx

  • Wow, thats a lot of tests! I can see lines on almost all, I think you are pregnant. I'd be happy to see a line as clear as that anyway!! Good luck. 

  • I hope so. Since it's only my due date today I'm going to hold off for a few and see. The digital one is what made me bothered the most. But I did read that they aren't that sensitive early on. So it was a sigh of relief. I'll deff repost results When we know for sure. 

  • its so hard to determine... like they are so faint looking like is it just because the urine passes over them... I'm so hoping I'm pregnant

  • They are more than just the wee passing over them. they have colour and the camera is picking them up. 

  • The lines will get darker as your hormones rise. If you test again in a couple of days you should get darker lines, not so faint. 

  • So I deff thank everyone who commented. I'm calling my dr tmrw to see them but no doubt I'm pregnant. I'm so beyond excited I can't even contain myself. image

  • Congratulations xxx

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