Is my ovulation on its way!?

Hi all,

totally new to all of this but I'm hoping someone can help :-)

i have recently started TTC with my partner of 9 years after having my copper coil removed on 28th sept.

Then had a 5 day AF from 4th October, I believe my cycle is around 30-31 days.

i believe this means I am on CD15 but my results on the last few OPKs as below.... are these faint positives or at least showing my ovulation is on its way? Or do the faint lines mean nothing at all? these are Tesco own brand.

the one that isn't labled was from yesterday afternoon and it was similar the day before, sorry no pics! imageimage

i don't seem to have any other signs of O yet however I'm already concerned Im not going to ovulate this month :-( 

perhaps someone could help xxxxx


  • Also worth adding that the afternoon one seems a bit lighter but I'm not sure if that's because I drank so much today and possibly its diluted?! I'm totally new to this and considering we've only been trying for less than 3 weeks I am trying not to panic that I don't ovulate :-( 

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